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The first generation to embrace the idea that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, Millennials are demanding that the concept of wellness and work-life balance is reflected in their work arena.

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Due to Millennials’ increased feelings of stress they place a higher importance on a well-rounded work-life balance, which translates into the fact that work, for them, needs to be meaningful as well as health-oriented.

As Millennials report increased feelings of stress, due to today’s upsurge in technology and the frenetic pace of information overload, the notion of leading a well-balanced lifestyle becomes a core concern. This generation places a higher importance on a well-rounded work-life balance, which translates into the fact that work, for Millennials, needs to be meaningful as well as health-oriented.

Work it Well
The concept that work needs to be fulfilling also translates into the changing demands towards work spaces. In a survey relating to employment conducted by consultancy company Aon Hewitt (2014), Millennials wanted their employers to play an active role in supporting the wellbeing of their employees. Indeed 52 % of Millennials reported that working in a healthy environment is influential to their overall wellbeing, compared to 42 % of Gen X or 35 % of Baby Boomers.

Working areas should reflect the need of becoming a merge between harmony and industry. ©GETTY IMAGES

In a further global survey, where Millennials were asked about what is important for them, 95 % mentioned happiness and 97 % answered health as their main concerns. Balance then becomes the new mantra, with a concentration on wellbeing for both body and mind reflected in the rise of wellness work spaces.

A recent study shows that for Millennials, happiness (95%) as well as health (97%) are the two major topics that matter most to them.

A Beautiful Balance

In keeping with the Millennial mindset, ensure your workforce remains not only ahead of the curve, but more importantly happy and healthy. A beautiful reusable water bottle will keep them refreshed and rehydrated, softly perfumed candles with focus-enhancing scents offer solitude and serenity, or a gorgeous crystal vase, filled to the brim with fresh flowers, will brighten a boring work desk.

Offer a Swarovski gift to ensure the balance between beauty, work and wellness is truly covered.



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