Business Gifts that say “Bon voyage”

In today’s always-on culture, time away from work isn’t just nice, it’s essential to employees’ wellbeing. Smart employers make a point of encouraging their staff to take all their allocated vacation – in return, they get a less stressed, more productive workforce.

A handwritten card tucked into a gift shows that you care. © Swarovski

Encourage staff to take well-earned time out with travel gifts: more than thoughtful gestures, they’re actually good for business, too.

Nothing lifts the spirits during a frenetically busy period at work as effectively as the prospect of getting away from it for a while! The anticipation of kicking back and relaxing on a beach, or spending time with friends and family, makes even the most stressed-out colleague feel better about their working life.

The gold standard among long-term health studies is still, today, the famous Framingham Heart Study (1992)1. It tracked workers over 20 years and found a positive correlation between taking vacations and longer, healthier lives. The de-stressing effects of a relaxing vacation tend to have a significant impact on the heart and the immune system, boosting the body’s anti-viral response.

Even short breaks can bring about considerable improvements in the brain’s ability to cope with the demands of the always-on workplace culture. Research by the University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology, in Austria2, showed that even a single four-night vacation had a positive effect on wellbeing that lasted up to a month.

A Win-Win Situation
Interestingly, it’s not just employees who gain from a break from the workplace – employers benefit too. A US survey3 showed that a majority of HR professionals believe that taking a break from work has a positive impact on performance, morale, wellness, culture, productivity and retention. What’s more, as well as helping individuals to relax and recover, a vacation can stimulate new ideas: being in a different environment tends to give employees a fresh perspective on the challenges of their job.

Take a Break, Reboot the Brain
So, encourage staff to take well-earned time out with travel gifts from the Swarovski White Collection. An elegantly patterned beach towel in a crystal-embellished pouch, or an Italian calfskin luggage tag to quickly identify their bag on airport carousels, or sparkling glasses for refreshing summer cocktails, aren’t just thoughtful gestures, they’re actually good for business, too.

Sparkling cocktail glasses say: “Enjoy your vacation!” © Swarovski


* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.

1 Framingham Heart Study (2019)
2 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2018)
3 US Travel Association (2013)