A unique crystal collaboration — Swarovski and PRINOTH

PRINOTH, the world’s leading manufacturer of snow groomers, has commissioned Swarovski to create a limited-edition figurine of the LEITWOLF snow groomer that takes crystal design to new levels.

Swarovski dazzles with the LEITWOLF crystal figurine for PRINOTH

"The LEITWOLF figurine symbolizes PRINOTH’s and Swarovski’s shared vision: technical excellence expressed in elegant design."
Werner Amort, President of PRINOTH

Glittering snow and sparkling crystal—the worlds of PRINOTH and Swarovski are linked by the spectacular play of light on reflective surfaces.

A Shared Heritage and Vision
The two companies are also connected by geography and a common approach. PRINOTH was founded in the 1950s by racing driver and car designer Ernst PRINOTH. Like Daniel Swarovski in the previous century, he was a pioneer and innovator—on retiring from racing, he turned his passion for powerful machines into a business designing the world's first snow vehicles. Today, the company boasts the world’s largest range of snow groomers and tracked vehicles.

Groundbreaking Design
As Werner Amort, president of PRINOTH, explains: “We, PRINOTH and Swarovski, both have a global reputation for exceptional quality and ground-breaking design and share the same innovative spirit. The LEITWOLF figurine symbolizes PRINOTH’s and Swarovski’s shared vision: technical excellence expressed in elegant design.”

The LEITWOLF – PRINOTH’s alpha of snow groomers. © PRINOTH

The LEITWOLF is PRINOTH’s undisputed alpha of snow groomers—the most powerful vehicle in the world for preparing pistes. Thanks to the latest technology, it delivers outstanding performance, and, along with the rest of the range of snow vehicles, it combines comfort with stylish design.

"The play of light over the crystal figurine’s edges is as mesmerizing as sunlight sparkling on freshly fallen snow."
Werner Amort, President of PRINOTH

In this exquisite tailor-made figurine, the LEITWOLF’S elegant lines are accurately captured, with a multi-faceted finish that unlocks the true brilliance and luster of Swarovski Advanced Crystal. As a triumph of precision cutting and grinding, the model also overcomes the technical challenge of combining two materials in one design, incorporating the swiveling metal winch arm. A vivid scarlet PRINOTH logo adds a bold finishing touch. Measuring approximately 10cm by 6cm, the 1:40 scale model is perfect in every detail, and is available in a strictly limited edition of 700 pieces.

A Bespoke Service

This unique collaboration brilliantly demonstrates Swarovski’s expertise at identifying the customer’s needs and translating them into an exclusive solution that brings the brand to life.