Festive Gifts for Big Occasions

When it comes to festive gifting, Swarovski Corporate Gifts are a wonderful way to express gratitude and appreciation to colleagues and clients alike.

Festive occasions present ideal opportunities to show colleagues, clients and associates how much they are appreciated with perfectly appropriate, crystal-embellished gifts.

Ways to say “thank you” stylishly
It pays to take the trouble to acknowledge loyalty, recognize achievements, and show that business partnerships are valued. Studies show that 84% of employees feel particularly highly regarded when they receive a Swarovski Corporate Gift. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Eid, and Chinese New Year are just some of the calendar events that give you a chance to demonstrate your esteem by making such gestures—beautiful items that are appropriate and, importantly, continue to remind recipients of your regard long after the occasion has passed.

The festive feel-good factor
Swarovski’s exceptional range of corporate gifts is designed with just these moments in mind. Offer a gift that brings a touch of festive magic, from sparkling photo frames to crystal-dusted glassware that light up a room, or charming Annual Edition decorations for the Christmas tree to whimsical little crystal figurines.

It is notable that market research indicates that 34% of the workforce actually expects to be rewarded at Christmastime.

Subtly crystallized gifts that evidently required thought are especially welcome—an elegant piece of jewelry or a beautifully made wristwatch are good examples.




* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.