Outstanding Gifts to Inspire

Choose a “sparkling companion” to mark a special moment or make an experience a memorable one, or simply to add a little luxury to someone’s day.

Inspire genuine loyalty!

Explore the Corporate Gifts range to find every kind of “companion” for the workplace, business trips, conferences and corporate events.

Swarovski’s latest range of business gifts for Spring/Summer 2019 offers a stunning choice of daily reminders that show how much the recipient is valued. Among them are stylish items to make life easier for frequent travelers, eye-catching pieces that capture a place or a moment in time, and fashion essentials that will help professionals look their best, all beautifully packaged to enhance the gift experience. Explore the Corporate Gifts range to find every kind of “companion” for the workplace, business trips, conferences and corporate events.

Encourage Commitment with Signature Collection Highlights
There’s something to please every taste in the Spring/Summer 2019 Signature Collection. Among the highlights, Swarovski’s “Iconic Landmarks” series realizes favorite travel destinations in meticulously cut crystal: the exquisite Taj Mahal, Pisa’s famous Leaning Tower, China’s magnificent Temple of Heaven, and more, bring memories of people and places to life in crystalline light, to be treasured forever. Showpiece jewelry includes the Lifelong Bow family, symbolizing lasting bonds and partnerships; the radiant Sunshine suite, expressing warmth and vitality; and the North range’s sleek designs that point toward the cardinal direction of infinite possibility. Other notable newcomers to the gift range are dance-inspired figurines, along with the Lovely Crystals Bangle Watch—perfect for celebrating unforgettable times.

Make success memorable!

Make Success Memorable with White Collection Highlights
Good design happens when style and function come together in perfect balance—the White Collection Spring/Summer 2019 addition achieves this brilliantly. Sharp dressers will appreciate neckties made of the finest wool with “Made in Italy” elegance, together with cufflinks in top-quality leather. High-flying travelers looking to streamline their busy lives will value the utility as well as the luxury of Swarovski’s sleekly stylish wireless charger, passport cover, and makeup bag. Meanwhile, back at the office, premium glassware is a must for the well-dressed boardroom: this season’s crystal-studded champagne flutes will make celebrations sparkle. An inspirational choice of daily companions that will delight any recipient.


* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.