Swarovski Product Compliance

Swarovski Product Compliance

The health of our customers at Swarovski, as well as their safety and enjoyment of our products is integral to sustaining a flourishing business. With a longstanding commitment to creating safe, responsible products, we continuously strive to innovate and exceed the product safety regulations, often before new legislation is introduced.

Our broad Product Compliance Program, founded in 2009, acts as a mandatory standard for all our Swarovski crystal product development activities relating to chemicals.

In its continuous effort to strive for excellence and the highest standards of customer service, Swarovski has created a comprehensive product and service offering that delivers distinctive values to its customers and one that we are rightly proud of.

The Swarovski crystals that are known the world over for their sparkling beauty and faultless quality all comply with a multitude of varying and different worldwide laws & regulations ensuring that Swarovski produce and manufacture only the finest and safest product for our valued customers.

Broken down in to three distinct categories, we center our product compliance on: Standard of Excellence, Premium Service & Design and Compliance with Integrity.

Excellence through innovation and origin

Swarovski’s highly skilled workforce, all supported by fair working conditions in tandem with supreme environmental standards, are committed to providing excellence as standard. Swarovski have continued to utilise sustainable hydroelectric power brought about from their founding on the banks of the River Wattenbach high in the Austrian Alps in order to power the machinery required to craft the fine Swarovski crystal.

It is through this dedication to our native Austrian home, as well as our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality that has driven the expertise and unparalleled crystal product that we are famed for. This has seen great engineering strides take place, with our unique X-Cut technique for all Swarovski crystals, our revolutionary Hot Glue technology used in crystal application and our exclusive Platinum* Pro foiling technique all revolutionising the way we deliver excellence on a daily basis.

Premium by service and design

Swarovski delivers premium service and design time after time through rigid processes of education, support and collaboration. This is achieved through a variety of measures, including numerous Swarovski Design Centers, Swarovski Customer Care Centers, Swarovski Certified Application Partners and Designer Edition products.

Compliance with integrity

Our commitment to meeting industry best practices and regulations is immense. Just like how we create our iconic crystals, we endeavour to ensure that our business standards match those of the finest quality Swarovski crystals that we produce. Through the introduction of our patented lead-free formula* that results in the industry defining ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard to our own internal compliance program, CLEAR, as well as our industry certifications and Compliance Service, no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of compliance with integrity.

Please find further information regarding the most important regulations that Swarovski comply to as well as the Swarovski Professional general statements in our Download Center.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.