Celestial Shine – Gifts Sent From Heaven

An almost childlike optimism abounds as we look to the skies for guidance, a belief in something bigger than us, the thought that there is something more out there has generated a magical moment in heavenly inspired designs.

Focal points constitute the inexplicable moments of mystery and magic. ©GETTY IMAGES

"The reliance on symbols and talismans to protect or to simply help us shine brightly is on the rise as we desire to reconnect with what makes us intrinsically human… our emotions"

Sometimes life is better for the not knowing. The belief in fate or destiny, the sparkling moments of unexplained and unsought for joy. The reliance on symbols and talismans to protect, offer luck and prosperity or to simply help us shine brightly is on the rise as we desire to reconnect with what makes us intrinsically human… our emotions.

Re-focus on Moments of Magic
In a world of computer generated data that monitors our every move and seemingly provides us with the answers to daily life, a new generation is rejecting the tried-and-tested, charting their course with the use of astrology, consulting shamans and relying on what can only be described as “signs from heaven”.

As designers lock into the zeitgeist, the use of constellations and celestial symbols abounds as we desire to believe in something greater than ourselves.

Embrace the powerful message of symbols sent from heaven.

Use the power of symbols to convey your well wishes! ©GETTY IMAGES

Ethereal and delicate, yet at once powerful and persistent, these symbols speak to our inner voices – our intuition and our fears, as well as our dreams. Used as a means of protection, or for higher aspiration, their ability to cross cultures as well as their potent means of communication creates a beautifully intangible design ethic that references both safety and superstition.

The resurgent popularity of talismans and charms highlights the growing desire for deeper, more meaningful connections.

Gifts that are Heaven Sent
Harness the energy of the crescent moon - the word crescent stems from the Latin ceres, which means “to bring forth, create” and crescere “to grow, thrive” - and offer your associates a well-intended wish for prosperity with a stunningly sophisticated crystal necklace.

Implore them to reach for the stars, with a beautiful set of celestial earrings or personalize your message with their zodiac birth symbol to show them they are uniquely appreciated.

Make a Swarovski gift speak volumes and usher in a sense of magical charm to hold them spellbound.



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