Personalized Gifts For Admin Stars

Talented support staff are crucial to a company’s success. Their organizational skills keep businesses running smoothly—reward their efforts and achievements with a thoughtful, customized gift on Administrative Professional’s Day.

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Loyal support staff is essential for a company’s success – on Administrative Professional’s Day let’s celebrate their key role and recognize their valuable contribution.

It may not be a familiar date on every office calendar, but Administrative Professional’s Day is widely celebrated in the US and a number of countries around the world, including Australia, France, India, New Zealand and Hong Kong. It is a day to celebrate employees who rarely step into the spotlight, but who nevertheless play a key business role. A personalized gift is an eloquent way of recognizing their hard work.

Changing Roles
The brainchild of the president of the US National Secretaries Association and an advertising executive, the Administrative Professional’s Day was launched in 1952, with the aim of attracting more people to administrative careers. Since the 1950s, the administrative professional’s role has changed dramatically. The modern office is a complex environment where computers have replaced typewriters and day-to-day business requires an ever-expanding range of skills.

A Crucial Contribution
Administrative Professional’s Day is an opportunity to recognize the contribution made by people in support roles who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Their organizational talents are crucial to a company’s success, ensuring that business runs smoothly and projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Turn the spotlight on employees who work hard behind the scenes to drive a company’s success! ©GETTY IMAGES

Celebrate Achievement
A stylish, work-related gift is an ideal way to celebrate a valued employee’s achievements. It is a thoughtful gesture that will be much appreciated and provide a tangible reminder that the company values their contribution.

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