Gifts To Make Fathers Feel Special

Father’s Day is an opportunity to say thank you and show appreciation for everything that dads do all year round. Honor their achievements with a thoughtful gift.

Care-givers, mentors, role models—fathers have a huge influence. ©GETTY IMAGES

"My father’s a sculptor, so I was born into an environment full of colors and shapes and materials. So I wasn’t frightened of experimenting with materials."
Philippe Ferrandis, Parisian designer

Fathers today are hands-on, they play many different roles. They are not only providers, they are care-givers, role models and mentors too. By nurturing their sons’ and daughters’ talents and encouraging their interests, fathers give them the confidence to seize life’s opportunities, to grow and to flourish.

Shaping Lives
A father’s influence extends beyond childhood and well into adult life—it can even inspire their child’s choice of career. Philippe Ferrandis, the celebrated French jewelry designer, comes from a family of artists and inherited the creative gene. Seeing his father at work gave him the confidence to try his hand at jewelry design. “My father’s a sculptor, so I was born into an environment full of colors and shapes and materials,” he said in an interview in Salt magazine. “So I wasn’t frightened of experimenting with materials.”

Celebrate fathers with practical gifts that are perfect companions when being on the way! ©GETTY IMAGES

A Unique Contribution
Father’s Day reminds employers and business partners of the unique role that fathers play throughout the year. It’s an opportunity to express appreciation with a gift that’s truly personal and reflects a father’s interests and lifestyle—one that will evoke precious memories or spark warm feelings every time it’s used.  

Make It Personal
A father whose working wardrobe is full of suits will appreciate a sleek pair of stainless steel cufflinks that will go with any business shirt. If his day is full of meetings and presentations, an elegant black-lacquered ballpoint pen will make note-taking more of a pleasure—and impress colleagues. For a gift that will be used every day outside the office, a calf-skin wallet with a money-clip is the perfect choice. What’s more, it will age beautifully.

With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to give some thought to a gift that will be cherished for years to come. Swarovski accessories are as stylish as they are practical—be inspired!

* A version of this quote appeared in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of SALT magazine



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