Desk Accessories To Revitalize A Home Office

A well-organized workplace promotes productivity, sparks motivation and helps people working at home stay focused. Seize this opportunity and help your employees to create the ideal home office with a thoughtful gift.

Promote productivity, stimulate ideas and encourage creative thinking.

Flexible working is on the rise – revitalizing a home working office boosts productivity, encourages innovative ideas and sparks creativity.

Flexible working is on the rise all around the world: In 2017, around 25% of Americans and 30% of Australians did some of their work from home. In the European Union, Denmark and Sweden had the highest proportion of home workers, with 37 and 33% respectively. And it’s a trend that looks set to grow.

Organizing the Home Office
Especially at home, the working environment can have a big impact on productivity. An organized workspace—whether that’s a home office or simply a dedicated area in another room—doesn’t just make it easier to stay focused, it also helps to be in a more professional mindset.

Of course, while working from home gives employees the great advantage of being able to personalize their workspace, it is also the perfect opportunity for an employer to help create the ideal working environment with a well-chosen gift.

Make a home office a more productive place. © GETTY IMAGES

Gifts to Enhance the Workspace
Beautiful as well as practical, desk accessories can really enhance a home office space. What’s more, in an increasingly digital world, a beautifully crafted object has a special tactile appeal. A classic pen will give pleasure every time it’s picked up. On top of that studies have shown that writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way.

The crystal embellished curves of a minimalistic bowl provide a pleasing contrast to the straight lines of the electronic devices that dominate working life. The perfect place to store stationery items, it is a gift that is both decorative and functional. A classic paperweight not only keeps paperwork firmly anchored, it also scatters light around the room in bewitching patterns, quite literally brightening up the working day of your employees. 

Swarovski’s office accessories are a natural choice.



* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.