Swarovski Iconic Swan Jewelry

Iconic Swarovski Swan Jewelry

Research has shown that jewelry is one of the most desirable and classic corporate gift items for women; however, it’s not always easy to select the perfect piece. Since the Iconic SWAN family of jewelry debuted for Fall/Winter 2016, it has proved hugely popular with fans of classic and directional styles alike. The elegant Swarovski SWAN silhouette is instantly recognizable as a mark of sparkling chic, as well as being a timeless design motif.

For centuries, the swan has been a powerful symbol of grace and beauty, as well as of enduring loyalty. This is said to be because in the wild their unions are often sustained over a lifetime. The Iconic SWAN family continues in the tradition of classic beauty and powerful symbolism, while bringing on-trend jewelry silhouettes to the fore. Look out for an adjustable necklace and a bracelet, all of which boast a handy sliding mechanism. Other contemporary profiles include a choker with a detachable pearl necklace—ideal for wearing fashionable layered looks.  

Renowned as a standout feature of the Iconic SWAN family is the unique Pointiage® technique, a high-tech ceramic matrix developed by Swarovski that allows crystals to be hand set at unusually close proximity. This is what produces the sensational high-impact shimmer. The palette is simple but eye-catching: reminiscent of a glittering midnight sky, Jet-colored crystals contrasted with luminous white Crystal Pearls add drama to earrings and the Iconic Swan Double Y Necklace; glittering Jet swans in two sizes hang gracefully from rhodium-plated chains; and the rose gold-plating sets an au courant tone for a further three necklaces and a bracelet.

In short, the restrained colors, clean lines and adjustable features mean that the complete collection benefits from incredible versatility. From earrings to bracelets to pendants, they work beautifully in combination with other jewels and looks, whether it’s dressed-down jeans and t-shirt, a sharp business suit, or a dressed-up little black dress. It makes any member of Swarovski’s Iconic SWAN family a staple item in a well-kept jewelry box—a thoughtful gift that any style-conscious woman would be delighted to receive in acknowledgment of a business success, or to mark a special occasion, such as a significant corporate anniversary.