From Swarovski: Corporate Gifts For Employees

Corporate gifts for rewarding employees

With 25% of all employees est high retention-risk employees and top performers with critical skills, when staff turnover has major cost implications, it’s essential to encourage loyalty. Moreover, a loyal and motivated staff makes a company more effective and profitable, and it puts forward a winning public face. Who needs an employee who clearly lacks enthusiasm representing their brand to a customer or client?

One of the proven ways to motivate and to develop loyalty is through thoughtfully chosen, high-quality, well-timed gifts and awards that surprise and delight. As a global player in the corporate gifts arena renowned for its premium crystal-embellished products, it’s a subject in which Swarovski has unrivaled expertise. Gifting possibilities in business are wide and varied, but Swarovski’s collections have been specially curated to meet a range of professional needs and to make it simple to identify the ideal item.

Classic corporate gifting occasions for which rewards are expected include service milestones and service longevity recognition. Here, a high-value present is appropriate for showing genuine appreciation, with gifts such as Swarovski’s crystal-embellished Swiss-made watches proving exceptionally popular. Other highly desirable items include jewelry. The Swarovski Signature Collection has a wide selection of designs for both men and women that will appeal to all tastes, while gift items and their packaging from the Customizable and Mix&Match Collections can be given an individual touch with a wide choice of options for materials, colors and embellishments.

Ranking second for gift expectation are special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and New Year. Swarovski’s White Collection is ideal for general corporate gifting purposes, offering a range of stylish lifestyle items designed to bring sparkle and wellness to everyday life. With streamlined accessories for electronics, tech and sport, there’s something that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, much of the collection is aimed at improving the working environment or encouraging the personal fitness of the recipient, which can only benefit employee and employer alike.

Other important business-gifting occasions include corporate events and parties. Swarovski’s Customizable Collection pieces are ideal for symbolic and message-oriented gifts, designed to strengthen the bond between company and staff. Last, but by no means least, corporate awards that shine a light on star performers are an exceptional motivator for every employee. Browse Swarovski’s collection of personalized awards for inspiration.

For a premium performance, choose a premium gift from Swarovski.