Minera Home Décor

Minera Home Decor

Swarovski introduces the stunning Minera family of home décor items, which includes a Decorative Bowl, Picture Frames, and a Tea Light Holder. The collection is characterized by elegant, contemporary minimalism that embraces organic forms and convinces through the future-icon gift pieces with broad and timeless appeal.

The crystallized stainless steel bowl enhances high-shine metallic effects with a glittering crystal crust within the rim that is reminiscent of a salt-dipped cocktail glass. Furthermore, design elements featuring half-and-half Crystal and Crystal Light Chrome increase the light refractive brilliance. The undulating silhouette, meanwhile, calls to mind natural forms found in the landscape.

Perfectly balanced, Minera Decorative Bowl make stunning tabletop centerpieces, or stylish shelf, desktop and countertop feature pieces, either alone or grouped. Artfully filled with flowers, candy, jewels, or any other small object, allowing the colors to reflect off the gleaming steel, they become useful as well as beautiful.

The crystallized picture frames in different sizes bring glamour and brilliance to a classic household and office item. The dazzling impact is achieved with a chrome-plated zinc frame faced entirely with tiny crystals in half-and-half Crystal and Crystal Comet Argent Light effect. Fronted with glass, they boast a dove-gray velvety flock on the reverse for a truly luxe touch. 

The Minera Picture Frames are also incredibly versatile, not simply because they are designed to either stand or be hung vertically or horizontally (all are supplied with stainless steel hangers and clips), but by virtue of their timeless, streamlined silhouette. Perfect for lighting up a favorite picture or photo and enhancing any desktop, tabletop or wall, these frames make a stylish and thoughtful gift statement for a deserving colleague or client. 

Complementing both these items is the shimmering Tea Light Holder in chrome-plated stainless steel. Designed to send shards of light dancing around a room, transforming it with unrivaled brilliance, it’s a classic gift item with enduring appeal. The Minera range is ideally suited to mark a special occasion for staff and business partners, and to delight loyal clients.