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Unique Corporate Gifts from the Swarovski White Collection

Swarovski White Collection

The Swarovski White Collection is immediately identifiable by its polished gift box presentation, graceful Swan branding, and subtle crystal embellishment. It has made choosing corporate gifts easier than ever before. Glamorous, appropriate, and priced from €19–€29, whether for colleagues and employees, or clients and business partners, the premium feel of these four luxury lifestyle accessories from the Swarovski White Collection makes them perfect gifts.  

Updated with surprising new pieces that are affordably priced and perfect for any occasion the Swarovski White Collection can be purchased exclusively via the Corporate Gift Channel.

Notebook with Swan Charm

In addition to sport and other stylish lifestyle accessories, the Swarovski White Collection includes a superbly crafted PU notebook from Swarovski® designed to accompany its owner wherever they go. With a gray cover embossed with a faceted pattern, it contains premium paper and a practical elastic closure boasting a swan-shaped metal charm embellished with clear Swarovski crystals. 

Key Chain Belt Clip

No need to mislay keys ever again with this smart key chain sparkling with clear crystals from Swarovski®. Its extendable cord and belt clip ensure that keys and access cards are never parted from their owner.


No wardrobe is complete without a soft gray scarf: featuring sparkling Swarovski® crystals on both sides, it is designed to perfectly complement any outfit.

Tote Bag

And for sheer practicality with high-fashion flair, Swarovski’s trendy tote bag of rich blue velvet PU leather, with handles attached by crystal rose pins from Swarovski®, is hard to beat as a brilliant gift for everyday.