Kris Bear Ornament

Kris Bear Crystal Ornament

The first Kris Bear was born in 1993, its name an abbreviation of “Kristall,” the German word for “crystal.” During his early years, Kris was cut entirely from clear crystal and featured a jaunty fabric bow tie. Later, splashes of color were added to the light-filled facets and the delightful character developed ever more animated expressions and poses, with new sizes added, too. Since then he has become one of the most beloved members of Swarovski’s sparkling menagerie, introduced in nearly 100 variations and sought after by collectors, as well as hugely popular as a small gesture of appreciation. 

In 2018, it’s Kris Bear’s 25th birthday! To celebrate his very special quarter-century, this favorite collector piece has grown up—238.6% bigger, to be exact. The anniversary variation (named Kris Bear - I Am Big Now) is an eye-catching clear crystal, the first to be made at this impressive size, and boasting 578 scintillating facets. A Light Siam crystal bow tie and Jet crystal facial features add to the bear’s unmistakable charm.  

Other Kris Bears in this appealing group include delightful personalities that commemorate special life events. From birthdays, anniversaries and christenings to graduations, engagements and weddings, there is an appropriate sparkling teddy to mark the occasion—bears in pairs make an especially charming gesture. Furthermore, this much-loved bearer of positive emotions and messages is highly valued by decorative crystal collectors and teddy bear fans alike. Make yours a gift that can grow and be enjoyed by its recipient over a lifetime.