From Swarovski: Corporate Gifts to Motivate Your Staff

Corporate gift ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

As an unofficial annual holiday celebrated on the first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day is rapidly gaining recognition for its role in helping to build a stronger corporate culture. It is the ideal opportunity to reward the efforts, successes, hard work and loyalty of staff, thereby increasing their job satisfaction. Employers who have made thoughtful gestures of appreciation an ongoing part of their leadership style are those that understand it as an important driver of employee engagement, productivity and retention. This is also confirmed by research showing that more than 80% of employees feel valued and loyal towards their employers after receiving a gift*. 

Swarovski has long been a leader in the corporate gifts arena, offering expertise for every type of gifting occasion. We understand the value of a premium-quality gift selected with the individual recipient’s preferences in mind. A well-chosen item is a reflection of your company—not only will it be cherished, it will ensure that your brand is remembered with warmth. That’s why Swarovski has curated a range of very desirable gifts to suit all tastes, each grouped under lifestyle choices, work roles, hobbies and personality types, to make picking the perfect something both simple and effective.

Is she classically chic or a trendsetter? Perhaps a piece of elegant or eye-catching jewelry will suit. A stylish man, on the other hand, might welcome crystal-studded leather goods. For organizers and timekeepers, you could give a prestige timepiece or a luxury notepad and pen. Those who famously remain calm in a crisis might appreciate having these qualities recognized with a collectible Crystal Creation. Or is it time to publicly recognize a high-performing employee with a high-impact award?  In short, Swarovski has made sure that there is a sparkling gift for everyone. So, on March 2, 2018, there’s no reason not to say “Well done” with stylish flair.

*Mindspot Market Research (2017)