Gifts that Work for Business

Creativity, loyalty and achievement make for successful businesses, so we have curated a selection of sparkling gifts designed to encourage all three!

Sparkling, creative gifting ideas from the Signature, White and Customizable Collections. © Swarovski

These gift collections have fashion for professionals, accessories for travelers, everyday essentials and contemporary décor for the workplace, and a choice of luxury lifestyle items.

Swarovski doesn’t only excel at traditional business gifts, it takes pride in crafting pieces that are designed to charm recipients as well as inspire them. Fall/Winter 2019/20 introduces a stunning choice of highly desirable gifts for both male and female colleagues and clients. All display the style, artistry and superb quality for which Swarovski is famous. Explore the Corporate Gifts range to find fashion for professionals, accessories for frequent travelers, everyday essentials and contemporary décor for the workplace, and a great variety of luxury lifestyle items, each beautifully packaged to make sure the recipient feels particularly valued.

Gifts that say “Thank you”. © Swarovski

Encourage Creativity: Signature Collection Highlights
The Fall/Winter season offers the opportunity to spread a little joy around the workplace. Notable among Signature Collection festive highlights are crystallized ornaments by iconic lighting designer Tord Boontje. His Winter Sparkle decorations will light up table centerpieces, trees and windows, enchanting everyone. Equally, the collectible Swarovski Annual Edition decorations and bird ornaments lift the mood in an instant. There are myriad jewelry ideas to inspire the gift giver, too: from classic pieces and bestsellers for all tastes to on-trend designs for fashionistas who enjoy experimenting with their look. What’s more, there’s a selection of indispensable office accessories and tools that have been given the kind of luxe makeover that will light up a desk, day after day.

Reward Achievement: White Collection Highlights
Nothing says success like understated luxury, which is why the White Collection puts an emphasis on premium lifestyle design that makes a feature of its sleek, contemporary edge. Chic pieces for men and women come in black or white, discreetly studded with crystals. The busy professional lifestyle demands good looks and streamlined utility – that calls for gifts that encompass electronics, wellness, travel, work and home. Highlights for Fall/Winter 2019/20 include sleekly functional travel bags, a clever pocket-mirror keyring, scarves made from ultra-fine wool, plus executive notebooks and glassware for the well-dressed boardroom.

Inspire Loyalty: Customizable Collection Highlights

The value of a personalized gift is that it shows the recipient how much thought has been given to getting it right just for them. The Customizable Collection offers stunning gift ideas that can be customized with finishes such as crystallized names and logos. Many of them are office essentials that will serve as daily reminders of how much the recipient is appreciated. Swarovski’s Fall/Winter highlights feature fashionable matt-black, premium-quality pencils topped with sparkling crystals and book-bound, canvas-covered notebooks with ribbon closures. Useful and stylish on a desk, at a conference, corporate event, or business trip, these are gifts that will delight day after day.


* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.