Reinforce New Year Resolutions with Business Gifts

Give business partners, colleagues and clients a hand with getting the year off to a good start: the right gifts will help motivate them to turn plans into reality.

Champagne flutes, with their time-honored connotations of success, make a perfect gift. © Swarovski

Applying the SMART principle will encourage perseverance: is the goal “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-defined”?

With not just a new year but a new decade just ahead, colleagues and clients may well be considering their life choices and planning to make changes. But resolutions that are optimistically made on January 1 when the year is still young tend to need some positive reinforcement.

Short-term Rewards Really Work
Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, or saving money (the three most common goals, according to YouGov research1) people are more likely to stick to a resolution if it’s clearly defined. Applying the SMART principle will encourage perseverance: is the goal “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-defined”? Next, big goals need to be broken down into smaller steps, each with its own short-term reward. A study by Cornell University and the University of Chicago2 showed that people are more likely to pursue goals that have immediate enjoyment attached. Simply put, a pat on the back for determinedly going to the gym twice in a week, month in month out, is more motivating than only allowing a reward after running a marathon.

Gifts that Boost Morale
New Year is also an excellent opportunity for establishing new goals and priorities in the workplace. After the holiday, employees may need a little encouragement to get back into work mode, so small positive gestures that prompt them to refocus should have the desired effect. In the period immediately after the holiday season when life can feel flat, mood-enhancing gifts will help to lift morale. And for teams facing new sales or business targets, a rewards scheme with carefully planned gifts is a powerful motivation.

It’s the thought that counts—send a heartfelt handwritten card and you’ll be remembered. © Getty Images

Crystalline toasting flutes have an implicit “Cheers to success!” message—a great way to mark a favorable business outcome that will give pleasure for years to come. An elegant picture frame sparkling with Swarovski crystals provides a memorable setting for a photo that captures a key work moment, while the frequent travelers among colleagues and business partners will appreciate a subtly crystal-embellished passport cover.

Well-timed acknowledgements of effort and attainment create goodwill and spur recipients to strive for future goals. It’s what Swarovski Corporate Gifts are all about: whatever the business context, there’s a gift that will inspire, motivate and reward.


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2 Kaitlin Woolley, Ayelet Fishbach (2016), Immediate Rewards Predict Adherence to Long-Term Goals