Say It With Flowers – Blooming Gifts To Give

Traditionally heralding the start of a new season, flowers signal a time for celebration, growth, and new beginnings. Infused with symbolic meaning, to offer a gift of flowers is to offer a wish for hope, peace and prosperity. Who could argue with that?

Give your business an added edge with beautiful blooms! ©GETTY IMAGES

With a language all their own, flowers can convey a message more powerful than the written word.

Is it any wonder that florals are still cropping up (pardon the pun!) in everything from interiors through to accessories and fashion! Their joyful signature means that flowers hold special meanings for many different occasions. With a language all their own, flowers can convey a message more powerful than the written word.

The Language of Flowers
In eras past, a rose was not simply a rose, depending on its color it held a hidden meaning from the gift-giver. A yellow rose was an offering for a new beginning, a pink rose spoke of grace, and a white rose was a sign of purity. A pink carnation whispers to the recipient, “I will never forget you”, the wearing of a white violet portrays innocence, bluebells convey kindness and humility, and the red carnation symbolizes admiration. A cyclamen signals a resignation or goodbye.

Today flowers suggest the promise of a new beginning. Seemingly fragile but overwhelmingly strong (remember these tiny blooms have survived icy winters before poking their dainty heads out of the earth’s frozen crust) they encapsulate our hope for the future, and as we look forward to better times their blooming beauty abounds across designs.

A gift of flowers will ensure your work world is just that little bit brighter. ©GETTY IMAGES

With the focus on the need for renewal in these challenging times, the perennial symbol for hope -  the flower - takes center stage in designs.

Blooming Beautiful Gifts

When words fail you, let your team or business partners know how very much they are valued and simply say it with flowers. At the beginning of a project present the participants with a beautifully crafted clover necklace to symbolize an intention of good luck. Offer a blossoming rose to highlight the passion needed for a role or simply present a beautiful pair of earrings as a radiant reminder of how much they are appreciated.

Make a Swarovski gift even more special by offering the hidden language encased within the charm of flowers.



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