Interview with Sebastian Schledermann

Swarovski Authorized Wholesaler, Schledermann Company, has taken corporate gifting in a new direction. Here, Director Sebastian Schledermann reveals why he founded this innovative Danish company, what makes it special and how he sees gifting trends developing.

Dear Mr. Schledermann, Schledermann Company is a well-established business within the gifting industry. Could you please tell us the story behind your company?
It was hard to find appealing corporate gifts, that’s why we decided to put together our own selection. We wanted companies to be able to find the perfect gift for clients and employees at a budget that suited them. Our corporate gifts are chosen from well-known brands, and the range includes everything from jewelry, watches, electronics and decorations, to glassware and sportswear.

Could you elaborate a little bit further about what makes Schledermann special?
We came up with the idea of an online loyalty key shop. So, as well as giving gifts, companies can reward their employees with exclusive benefits, for example membership of an exclusive corporate club, savings on restaurants and invitations to networking evenings.

You are an expert when it comes to corporate gifting. Which trends do you see in this area?
In Denmark, corporate gifts tend to be more personal and customers prefer premium brands. It’s considered very important to find the exactly right gift for someone.

It’s such a pleasure to receive a gift that shows the giver has put time and thought into choosing it—whether it’s a lovely piece of jewelry, nice perfume, a beautiful ornament or a watch—it feels really personal.
Sebastian Schledermann

We can help companies give really thoughtful gifts, offering more than 160 carefully selected and customizable products for men, women or the home at different price points. It’s such a pleasure to receive a gift that shows the giver has put time and thought into choosing it – whether it’s a lovely piece of jewelry, nice perfume, a beautiful ornament or a watch – it feels really personal.

Your company is based in Copenhagen. How does the corporate gifts industry in Scandinavia compare to other European markets?
In Denmark we’re huge fans of online shopping! That’s why we created another online platform with our Online shopping is the best of all shopping experiences — you can do it whenever you want, wherever you are!

What role do Swarovski products play in your portfolio?
They’re very important to us. With a range that includes everything from jewelry and watches, to home accessories and electronic devices, there’s something to suit all tastes. And of course, it’s an exclusive international brand.

Schledermann is a Swarovski Authorized Wholesaler. What benefits does that bring?
It means that we’re able to explore new opportunities and work together to develop local markets. Plus, we can exchange new ideas and tap into the expertise of the Swarovski teams.

What comes to your mind when you think of Swarovski Corporate Gifts?
It has to be those luxurious gift boxes! That gorgeous packaging creates a sense of anticipation and then there’s the pleasure of opening it and finding a gift inside. Swarovski gifts are really special – there’s something truly magical about the sparkle of crystal.

Thank you very much for taking the time and share your valuable insights with us.