Interview with OMYAGUE Director Nathalie Cozette

What’s trending in the corporate gift market? And what makes the ideal business gift? OMYAGUE Director Nathalie Cozette has the answers and shares some advice for corporate gift buyers.

The Carrousel du Louvre is the elegant setting for the 17th OMYAGUE Paris Fair, taking place on 12 and 13 September 2018

OMYAGUE, which means ‘Gift’ in Japanese, puts buyers in touch with iconic brands offering corporate and bespoke gifts. In this Q&A, Director Nathalie Cozette shares her views on the corporate gift market.

What are the biggest trends in luxury corporate gift giving? What has changed recently?
The daily use of technology has changed gift buying habits and has created new needs — I notice that this shift is reflected in the new Swarovski B2B collection, which includes high-tech items. Nevertheless, classic items such as leather goods, office accessories and gourmet delicacies are still very much on-trend.

What prompted you to launch the OMYAGUE fair in London, after the successful previous events in Paris?
We had a very positive experience working with the French Chamber of Commerce in London, so we decided to benchmark the UK market. We discovered that there were no fairs specifically dedicated to corporate gifts from brands. Encouraged by several brands in London looking to get greater exposure and develop their B2B offer, we decided to run a smaller version of our Paris fair. Maybe other countries will follow—who knows?

Swarovski Corporate Gifts on display at the Paris OMYAGUE Fair last year

How do the luxury markets in UK and France differ in terms of corporate gift giving?

The target customers are the same—mainly marketing and communication directors, executive assistants, seminar organizers and commercial directors. And both countries share a need for quality corporate gifts from premium brands. The difference is more about the type of gift—the French are much more interested in food and drink than the English, for example—the culture of each country is a strong influence when it comes to selecting a gift. It’s an area that we are researching.

What advice would you give to buyers with diverse recipients?

Finding a corporate gift that people will keep and use every day is a real challenge. If I were a buyer, I would take risks and buy pleasing gifts that are selected specifically for the recipient—for example, I would always choose different items for men and women. Major players, like Swarovski, offer a wide range of products, so why not have fun selecting bracelets for women and cufflinks for men?

Nathalie Cozette

Nathalie Cozette, Director, OMYAGUE

“I perceive Swarovski as an international brand with a luxury positioning, offering a wide range of glamorous, elegant and well-priced products. We can always find the perfect gift for every budget.”

What comes to mind when you think of Swarovski corporate gifts?
An international brand with a luxury positioning, offering a wide range of glamorous, elegant and well-priced products. We can always find the perfect gift for every budget.

What do you personally like most about corporate gifts?

The financial crisis has had a big impact on gift giving. Companies now prefer to spend their money on quality, rather than quantity. Branded gifts really fit this trend, they have a special significance for the recipient, especially when they are an intrinsic part of a corporate activity and reflect the company’s image and values. That is what gives me real pleasure!