Tailor–Made Solutions for Swarovski Corporate Gifts

Swarovski Tailor-made Corporate Gifts offer a truly bespoke crystal gifting experience. Whatever your idea, we can make it happen. Find out more.

Bring your vision to life

A bespoke crystal-embellished gift is a wonderful way to make someone feel truly special. As a gesture of appreciation, it enters a whole different league because, quite simply, it is unique—the gift that can only have come from you. All it takes is the thought…

Once you’ve had your brilliant idea, there are just three simple steps to making it happen:

The first step is to talk to our team of experts about what first inspired your gift. It could be something that has caught your eye—a book cover or movie, a building or ornament, perhaps. Or maybe it’s something that has special significance for your company or client. The Swarovski team likes a challenge so let your imagination run free! Do give them an idea of your budget, order quantity, timeline and quality specifications.

Swarovski’s experts will then come up with a range of creative options based on your requirements and specifications, and when the idea is defined they’ll present you with a made-to-measure concept. Once you have approved it, the team will create a prototype sample and suggest exciting branding opportunities for you to consider.

The third step is to approve the sample—that’s when production can start. Swarovski will stay in touch throughout the process, taking care of the detail right up until you’ve taken delivery of your unique gifts. And it need not end there—Swarovski can even offer you expert and comprehensive marketing support.

Go bespoke with Swarovski—because it’s always the thought that shines brightest, longest.

Inspired? Please contact our Corporate Gifts Team—they’ll be happy to help make sure that your unique gift idea becomes a sparkling reality.