Swarovski’s Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business, Swarovski is committed to building on our strong track record of social and environmental sustainability throughout our own operations and by working with our trusted crystal suppliers.

At Swarovski we prefer to think in generations rather than quarters. Our longstanding commitment to doing business in a way that respects people and the planet, combined with our trademark quality craftsmanship that is known the world over and our pioneering spirit is what sets us apart. With this in mind, we see our Corporate Social Responsibility as both an integral part of our heritage and an essential characteristic of how Swarovski operates as a business today. It is this that has helped set us apart from our competitors for over 120 years and counting. 

We are committed to building on our strong track record of social and environmental sustainability throughout both our own operations and by working with our branch of suppliers. It is from this that our efforts center on four main principles: Create, Protect, Respect and Care.

Swarovski corporate gifts CSR

Swarovski’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has been embedded in the way we do business ever since our company was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. Daniel was unequivocal about the role of business in helping communities to flourish and conserving the natural resources we need to thrive. It was through this vision and the desire to maintain a keen eye on a sustainable future for both humanity and Swarovski as a business, which the modern-day Swarovski still retains and builds upon those values that Daniel established to this day.

This relentless endeavour to uphold our cherished values as a socially responsible business can be seen in our work within the community through both the Swarovski Foundation, which honors Daniel Swarovski’s philanthropic spirit supporting a variety of charitable causes, and the Swarovski Waterschool, which seeks to inspire and advocate sustainable water use. It is through both of these initiatives as well as our commitment to ensuring sustainability in business, water conservation and our involvement with the United Nations Universal Children’s Day and Davos, the World Economic forum that we continue to Create, Protect, Respect and Care.

To ensure full transparency as well as provide regular opportunities for review, the Swarovski Crystal Business reports externally on our corporate responsibility performance within the Swarovski Sustainability Report. This report presents a comprehensive overview of Swarovski’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and at the same time grants the reader a unique insight into how Swarovski’s colleagues strive on a daily basis to make the company truly sustainable on a global scale.

If you would like to discover more about Swarovski’s Corporate Social Responsibility you can do so by downloading the Swarovski Sustainability Report on the Swarovski Professional website.