Latisha All-Around Choker

This charming flower-motif choker is destined to become a must-have addition to any jewelry collection. The design brings together different metal platings with black and white crystals` which, thanks to Swarovski’s special Pointiage® technique, sparkle with exceptional brilliance. Thanks to the simplicity and delicacy of the design, this is a piece that will work with any look, laid-back and casual or elegant and sophisticated. A truly versatile addition to any collection and a gift that will always be appropriate and pretty.

USD 149.00

Recommended Retail Price (incl. VAT)

Color: crystal/jet
Plating: rhodium-plated/rose gold-plated
Size: 30 / 42.5 cm / 11 3/4 / 16 5/8 in
Article no.: 5389491-1

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