Essential Canvas Notebook Small - Crystal It Infinity

Featuring classic book binding and canvas covers, this compact Essential Canvas Notebook Small comes in a range of colors. Crisp, smooth, high-quality pages are ready to be filled with notes or reminders, and a black elastic closure keeps it safely shut when not in use. Customize the front cover with a crystallized initial, logo, number or motif of your choice, rendered in Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks, Crystal Fabric or Transfer IT Infinity, which come in various color options.

EUR 25.00

Recommended Retail Price (incl. VAT) Corporate discounts for orders exceeding EUR 2,000

Color: beige/ black
Material: paper
Size: 15 x 21 x 1,5 cm / 8 2/3 x 3/5 x 6 1/9 in
Article no.: 5543265
Launch Date: 43629

This piece can be engraved
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