Creativity Pierced Earrings, White, Rhodium plating

This pair of Creativity Pierced Earrings showcases Swarovski’s signature jewelry craftsmansip and innovation. A twist on a classic design, they are rhodium plated and pavé-encrusted, sparkling with a delicate lace-like filigree silhouette. The circular motifs contain either fixed, centrally positioned crystals or stones that gracefully move, reflecting the light with every turn of the head. These sumptuous earrings are on point for party wear, and come with an optional matching necklace and bracelet.

USD 119.00

Recommended Retail Price (incl. VAT)

Color: crystal
Plating: rhodium-plated
Size: 3.5 cm / 1 3/8 in
Article no.: 5414713-1
Launch Date: July 30, 2018

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