Business Gifts that Celebrate Chinese New Year

Explore Swarovski’s range of beautifully crafted crystal gifts designed to mark this most important of Chinese festivals, taking place in the Year of the Rat.

Give the gift of a Lucky Cat Ornament: based on the traditional maneki-neko figure, it symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. © Swarovski

Get the Year of the Rat off to a brilliant start with a gesture of appreciation that will reinforce the spirit of goodwill for the year ahead.

Chinese New Year is regarded as the most important festival in Chinese culture. It’s the biggest celebration on earth, with more than one billion people taking part (20% of the world’s population) with 15 days of feasts, firecrackers and festivals. In China, it’s also called Chun Jie (春节), which translates as “Spring Festival”, as well as “Lunar New Year”, and its history dates back nearly 3,500 years.

Although it’s still wintry at Chinese New Year—this year, January 25—the festival nonetheless marks the end of the coldest weather, when everyone looks forward to the spring harvest and new beginnings.

Traditional Values
China has a strong culture of gifting, with the Spring Festival an important opportunity to exchange presents with colleagues and clients, friends and family. Children and young adults traditionally receive “hongbao”, money-filled red envelopes symbolizing good luck and prosperity, while the business community uses gift giving as a time-honored way of showing appreciation and nurturing good relationships.

Saying “thank you” in Chinese characters will make a gift feel more personal. © Swarovski

Gifts with Special Significance
Symbolic of the Swarovski brand, the Swan Ornament is an elegant and sophisticated way to mark this important gift-giving occasion. What’s more, its nine gold-colored tassels make it particularly auspicious: gold denotes good fortune and the number nine represents eternity. The Lucky Cat is also particularly well suited to Chinese New Year: its waving paw beckons prosperity, while the red ears and collar represent good fortune. And what could be more appropriate in the Year of the Rat than a cute representation of this zodiac animal? The playful ornament was created in partnership with Chinese designers from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, giving it special resonance as a festive gift.

Swarovski’s corporate crystal gifts are specially designed to capture the energy and optimism of Chinese New Year. Get the Year of the Rat off to a brilliant start with a gesture of appreciation that will reinforce the spirit of goodwill in the year ahead. See our Gift Guide for inspirational ideas for business gifts.