Business Gifts to Mark Chinese New Year

As the world prepares to welcome The Year of the Pig, discover a range of beautifully crafted crystal ornaments that capture the spirit of this special festival.

Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most celebrated festivals. Also known as “Spring Festival,” it marks the end of winter and looks forward to new beginnings. This is a major event among Chinese communities worldwide, but also in other countries in Asia, too. ¬In fact, February 5 will see one quarter of the world’s population welcoming The Year of the Pig with family reunions, spectacular fireworks, and dramatic dragon dances.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Suitable Corporate Gifts ©GETTY IMAGES

Exchanging gifts is a key part of Chinese New Year. For businesses, it is the cornerstone of their dealings, providing a perfect opportunity to wish colleagues, clients and partners a successful and prosperous year ahead, and to honor their contributions and efforts with thoughtful gifts.

Beijing Academy Designer Collaboration
Gifts with a Chinese New Year theme not only show the high regard in which business relationships are held, but they are also prized collectibles. With this in mind, Swarovski has collaborated with designers from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing to create a range of decorative objects handcrafted from crystal. Beautifully giftwrapped and presented separately or as a collection, these ornaments make memorable business gifts.

Gifts that Build Relationships
For gifts that embody the spirit of 2019, charming ornaments representing creatures from the Chinese Zodiac, or figurines drawn from other facets of Chinese culture, are perfect choices. Choose masterpieces handcrafted in red, yellow or golden coloured crystal: regarded as auspicious colors in China, symbolizing strong personal qualities, positive characteristics, and good fortune, these are equally appropriate for home or office.

So get the Chinese New Year off to a sparkling start. Surprise and delight co-workers, clients, and business partners with gifts that bring to mind the optimistic and celebratory mood of the Spring Festival!  



* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.