The Best Holiday Business Gifts for 2019

Seasonal celebrations are important to businesses, not least because they offer an occasion to acknowledge success and show appreciation. Swarovski’s Festive Gift Guide’s sparkling selection will provide ample inspiration to suit a wide spectrum of colleagues’ and customers’ tastes and preferences.

Bring festive cheer to the home or office with a charming crystal Santa sleight and reindeer. © Swarovski

Research shows that that 94% of employees actually expect a seasonal gift from their employer to make them feel appreciated and valued.

Coming up with gift ideas for clients and co-workers can be surprisingly tricky. Striking the right balance between personal and thoughtful yet business-appropriate needs careful consideration. With Christmas and Hanukkah fast approaching, followed by Chinese New Year on January 25, there’s no time to waste.

Connecting meaningfully with those who have contributed to a business’s success calls for dialing up the feel-good factor with a gift that acknowledges effort, rewards loyalty, or simply says: “Thank-you for always delivering every time.” Do avoid corporate gifting clichés that lack the personal touch; instead, offer thoughtful items that will provide enjoyment for months or years, rather than fleeting moments that end almost as soon as the giftwrap is removed.

The Personal Touch
A present that reflects an individual’s particular style and taste preferences will always show a level of thought, care and imagination that guarantees it will be appreciated. On-trend jewelry, such as delicate rhodium-plated earrings could be the smart choice for a chic colleague or client with an eye to the latest fashion looks. Alternatively, a luxe timepiece with a crystal-embellished dial offers a subtle style statement that’s equally appealing.

When you take the time to handwrite a note, you increase the value of your gift exponentially. © Swarovski

Leave A Lasting Impression
Gifts that will be used over a long period of time reflect the drive towards sustainability, a trend that’s gaining importance both in the home and the workplace. This year’s Annual Edition Ornament, a multi-faceted star design beautifully crafted in clear crystal fits the bill perfectly. It will give pleasure year after year, providing a tangible reminder of a special business relationship with a client or colleague. Annual Edition Ornaments are highly collectible, so the 2019 star could be the start of a yearly tradition that strengthens this bond.

Swarovski Corporate Gifts are a very special way to say a seasonal thank-you. Research shows that that 94% of employees actually expect a seasonal gift from their employer to make them feel appreciated and valued1. For more crystallized inspiration that will make business associates and co-workers smile this holiday season, check out our Festive Gift Guide.


1 Instaprint Survey, 2018