Motivational Gifts for Flexible Workers

With the rise of remote working, almost any space can be a place of work. Make the flexible working environment more personal with a selection of stylish office accessories.

Add a touch of distinction to “working on the move” with a personalized notebook. © Swarovski

Those who work remotely or on the go will appreciate gifts that make their workspace — wherever that might be — a little more personal.

Flexible working is the new nine-to-five. Digital connectivity means that work can be done anywhere — on a train, in an airport lounge, a hotel room, or the local café. All that’s needed is a good wi-fi connection. For many people, technology is also blurring the lines between home and work: they might start the day reading emails on a smartphone in the kitchen and end it typing on a laptop in the sitting room.

The Rise of Remote Working
The convenience of working remotely makes it a popular choice for employees, with a growing number of employers recognising the benefits too. Research by International Workspace Group (IWG) found that 62% of businesses worldwide currently have a flexible working policy1, while a report by Gallup revealed that 43% of employees in the US work remotely some of the time.

The Arrival of the “Hyphenated Career”
It’s not just where people work that’s changing — how they work is changing too. There’s a new generation building “hyphenated careers”, who juggle professional roles with passion projects that generate an income stream. These days it’s not unusual to find an accountant who is also a yoga instructor, or an HR manager who is also a fashion blogger.

A well-chosen tech gift will be a useful everyday companion that looks great, too. © Swarovski

Colleagues, customers or business partners who work remotely or when they’re on the go will appreciate gifts that make their workspace — wherever that might be — a little more personal. Bluetooth earphones with discreetly crystal-accented square earbuds turn your music into an everyday companion and are useful for taking calls hands free. In an era of keyboards and screens, taking notes by hand is a dying art, but a gift of a rose gold-tone plated ballpoint pen and canvas-covered notebook (which can be customized) turns the task into a real pleasure. Swarovski’s corporate gifts include a wide range of items that are as nifty as they are stylish, all beautifully designed to complement today’s new ways of working.


* Occasionally, a product may no longer be available, but there is a great choice of sparkling alternatives in our catalog.

1 The Annual IWG global workspace Survey (2019)