Practical and stylish, glamorous and indulgent—Swarovski corporate gifts have all this, as well as being on-trend and always perfectly appropriate.

Providing business partners with
one-of-a-kind gifts for business events, sponsorships or promotional activities – Swarovski’s broad corporate gifts assortment is perfectly designed to celebrate and reward.

Introducing Swarovski
Swarovski has built on its understanding of the fashion sector, its creativity and brand reputation, as well as its marketing and distribution expertise, to offer business partners beautifully designed, sought-after corporate gifts. Thanks to a well-established worldwide trend network, the company continually updates the range to reflect the latest innovations.

Swarovski Corporate Gifts — The Key Features of Gift Giving

Make an occasion memorable with a beautifully presented gift.

The Key Features of Gift Giving
The central requirements of any business gift are that it is thoughtful and appropriate, unique and prestigious, tasteful and top quality.

These features form the guiding philosophy behind Swarovski’s range of corporate gifts. Each item is designed to inspire, motivate, reward and encourage staff loyalty, or simply to show appreciation to colleagues and business associates. Paying attention to personal events, corporate milestones (celebrating a new launch, paying tribute to a signature product, meeting sales targets, closing deals, achieving business acquisitions), or significant festive occasions (Mother’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, festive calendar days) will always have particular value due to the thought that lies behind it.

Glamour and luxury are two aspects of gift-giving that are calculated to surprise and delight. Indeed, a considerable number of 3.3 million people received business gifts from Swarovski in 2017.

of our gift recipients like Swarovski Corporate Gifts and 84%
say that receiving them made them feel valued.*

Swarovski Corporate Gifts delighted 3.3 million recipients in 2017.

Swarovski’s gift collections—Signature, White and Customizable Collection—are designed to reflect the latest trends and cover all price points from affordable to exclusive; they encompass decorative items for the home and office, unisex gifts, corporate awards, accessories, jewelry and electronics. But a gift with a personal touch, where the giver has taken the time to make sure it suits the recipient’s individual requirements, is guaranteed to keep your brand top of mind as well as give special pleasure. Whether customized or fully bespoke, the personal touch is always especially valued.

A tailor-made gift is a wonderful way to make someone feel special.

Gifts that show thoughtfulness
give special pleasure and
keep your brand top of mind.

Unrivaled Service
Swarovski is acknowledged worldwide as a reliable partner with a first-class track record. Partners can take advantage of an international gift offer supported by product expertise, dependable and speedy customer service, sales support and staff training. They can also benefit from comprehensive marketing activities leveraged by Swarovski’s strong brand value as a top luxury fashion company.

* Source: Mindspot Market Research 2017